Kate Poland

Poland presented her work at Textiles Hub London during the autmun of 2013 as part of Textiles Hub London’s My Nature Symposium. She discussed her work setting up a botanical dye garden at the London College of Fashion’s Hackney site. The garden was created to promote green urban spaces and natural dyeing for students and local communities.

The Hackney branch of LCF is called Cordwainers College and has taught shoe-making and hand-bag making to the most important accessories designers in the UK for centuries. With her vision and skills, Poland’s project quickly evolved into ‘Cordwainers Grow’ which continues to thrive in east London today.

Her horticultural and botanical work has led to hundreds of public workshops on ‘growing your own’ and natural dyeing and her gardens continue to flourish as important resources for local communities and biodiversity in London today.

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