Textiles Hub London is an exciting design incubator in the heart of London located in a large Victorian warehouse studio that has been occupied by textile designers since 1978. The nearby stations of West Hampstead (Underground Jubilee Line and Overground) are just one stop from King’s Cross St Pancras Int’l (Thameslink) in central London, UK.

Textiles Hub London is designed to give textile practitioners a shared space in which to work, experiment and develop their unique hand-writing.

Director of Textiles Hub London, Emma Neuberg, at her solo show, Aldgate Tower, London, 2018. Photo: C.Schek

It was established by Dr Emma Neuberg (PhD RCA 2000) as an extension of the Slow Textiles Group, an enterprise she founded in order to enable the designer-entrepreneur to create and scale-up sustainable, regional textiles practices and related enterprise through educational and sustainable design tools. (Click here to book a tutorial on sustainable design tools and more for textiles).

Textiles Hub London is located in one of the few artist warehouses in London run by a charity, Kingsgate Workshops Trust, with a remit to support traditional arts and crafts businesses with a focus on innovation and experimentation.

This provenance and collective ethos makes Textiles Hub London an important and conducive centre for textile designers and artists to explore, experiment and develop their practice.

  • Textiles Hub London gives shared access to textiles-making, expertise and professional development.
  • Textiles Hub London residents work with brands, companies and institutions lending luxury, cultural value and style to their campaigns and cultural heritage.
  • Textiles Hub London residents are trained by the best teachers in the world and are qualified in Great British flair and originality.
  • Textiles Hub London offers the best in British textiles, production, design thinking, making, creativity and design.
  • Textiles Hub London residents are available to design and deliver textiles workshops at all events, from museums to festivals, independents to trade fairs.
  • Textiles Hub London residents are available to deliver bespoke designs, fabrics and commissions catering to every desire and on any scale.

You’re invited to meet members of Textiles Hub London at one of their collaborative events.

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