Sarah Campbell

Sarah Campbell exhibited her work at Textiles Hub London during the autumn of 2013 as part of Textiles Hub London’s My Nature exhibitions and publications curated by Dr Emma Neuberg. She also gave a talk about her work at the My Nature Symposium on Saturday 16th November 2013.

Campbell’s work is celebrated the world over. Her unique gouache ‘hand’ paints with ease of colour, lightness of touch and joyful, freeform patterning. She paints spontaneously and directly on cotton and paper creating instantly timeless textile patterns.

Her use of colour and design are reminiscent of the celebrated French artists of the early to mid twentieth century. Indeed, look closely and we see the flair of Braques’s birds, the Mediterranean feel of Matisse and the strong, brush-stroked lines of Picasso. Her colourful palette and strong motifs exude a quality not traditionally considered particularly British. For instance, when we look at the other celebrated British textiles and pattern designers of the era from CFA Voysey to Laura Ashley and, more recently, Mark Hearld, Campbell has a significantly stronger palette and rhythmic sense of joie de vivre.

Well-known for being one half of the iconic Collier Campbell label (with her sister Susan Collier), Campbell is the most important late twentieth century printed textiles designer of her generation and together with Susan, the most important printed textiles duo of contemporary Britain.

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